14/09/2018 10:15

Special offer!

Become the proud owner of unique items and let the enemies tremble in your power!

Move along the storyline and the following actions will be available to you:


1. Exclusive mount

Become a dignified rider of the mighty Prince of Blue Wolves and crush the foes in the mythical world of ancient China!

Receive a unique mount for only 159 coins!


Mount Stats:

  • Attack +1000
  • Engulfing Aura
  • Wood Heroes damage +8%
  • Rushing Wind Movement
  • Speed +40%
  • Stat Bonuses (on the maximum level)
  • HP +1500
  • Attack +750
  • Speed +250


2. Unique Outfit

After completing the storyline at level 26, you will be able to get a powerful weapon of green quality absolutely free!

In addition, by making a payment for 249 coins you are guaranteed to get a Set: Weapon + Bracelet + Pendants of purple quality with a general combat rating of 2052!

Show your godlike power to the enemies!


3. Noble hero

Get a five-star hero Shining Star for only 349 coins!


By making a payment for 349 coins you’ll get a Shining Star of the 40th level with special equipment! Moreover, this hero has a unique skill Meteoric Wrath, which deals damage from 280% to 251% and gives a chance for an additional attack of 60%.

You’ll not get bored in the company of a charming and fierce Shining Star!


Please note: this offer is only valid for 24 hours!

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